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‘Auto-biological theatre reunites a divided self’
‘First Steps: Teaching is to learning as feeding is to eating’
Victoria Sharples
 Lesson One: Logic chaos and illness?
 Lesson Two: Successful acts
 Lesson Three: Journey to sanity
 Lesson Four: ‘Every artist was first an amateur’ (Emerson’s Epigrams P.123)
 Lesson Five: I ‘Learned that in order to live, plants need water’
 Lesson Six: TWO Reasons, TWO Voices
 Lesson Seven: An Oath to Annie
 Lesson Eight: ‘The worst decision I ever made was trying to become healthy’
 Lesson Nine: ‘Maybe, just maybe, it’s nothing to do with food at all.’
 Lesson Ten: My Ingredients
 Lesson Eleven: What is food to one, is to others bitter poison
 Lesson Twelve: I don’t think a girl becomes a woman overnight
 Lesson Thirteen: To Confess
 Lesson Fourteen: The problem with solitude and loneliness
 Lesson Fifteen: RESERVED FOR ANNIE
 Lesson Sixteen: Bite is Beautiful…
 Lesson Seventeen: ‘Anniebiography’
 Lesson Eighteen: ‘The sublime vision’
 Lesson Nineteen: ‘A man seems to me a poor naked, shivering creature’
 Lesson Twenty: Apple Insights
 Lesson Twenty One: My Family Table = The Centre of the Home = Fertility
 Lesson Twenty Two: ‘Food is our common ground, a universal experience.’
 Lesson Twenty Three: It is said that ‘the body is historically mutable
 Lesson Twenty Four: I was ‘like a skeleton only clad with skin’
 Lesson Twenty Five: Witticism
 Lesson Twenty Six: ‘Nothing Devine dies. All good is eternally reproductive’
 Lesson Twenty Seven: ‘Fluids, sprit’s, appetites and ‘souls’
 Lesson Twenty Eight: Health is the first muse
 Lesson Twenty Nine: ‘Flesh was brought down to the level of the organism’
 Lesson Thirty: There is no use in loving the dying.
 Lesson Thirty One: I have a fear
 Lesson Thirty Two: A pleasure as well as a necessity
 Lesson Thirty Three: I am Victoria Emily Sharples
 Lesson Thirty Four: Stay Safe! Stay Sane!


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vicky sharples
vsharples City or County, Country

Victoria Emily Sharples
Theatre Maker
Artistic Director

…to seek beauty in ugly-ness, the logic behind chaos, the fun in tragedy
Thinking and doing, laughing and crying.
She is eager to learn
She is ready to be...
It’s not in her nature to be satisfied…she can never stop...
Hunt the element that embodies every being.
Human activity, the BIG and small…
What makes life peculiar?
Never wish to overlook a situation with empty thought.
Crave raw emotion and human perception.
To absorb the world
To disprove the distinction between reality and imagination
Take the years, the moments...dedication.
Test myself...
To hide from 'the aim', would be and easy torture.
Her pursuit lies in the unexpected.
She indulges in the suffering of exploration... to pursue the madness behind truth.
Understanding, endurance and her naivety enable this ‘self’ to make art that says a lot... about nothing …and... Nothing about a lot

Fecha de publicación  06 de febrero de 2013

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  58 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Biografías y memorias

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