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Do you remember how it felt to play when you were a child, to be immersed in a world of imagination and invention, free of inhibitions and responsibilities? We yearn to recapture that feeling, to be refreshed by it.

In the world of “Ballet Botanica,” flowers become ballet dancers. They sweep through the air as gracefully as dancers gliding across a stage. They twirl on their toes and leap into the air with the same fluidity, delicacy and strength as ballet dancers.

Sometimes, we make delightful discoveries while playing. We might even discover that flowers can dance. Play often. Be refreshed.

100% of the profits from sales of this book are donated to the Salvation Army, an organization that's committed to eradicating poverty and caring for people who are struggling.


Acerca del autor

Ursula Wedmann
uwedmann Kelowna, BC, Canada

I specialize in artistic photography of the natural world. The beauty of vast expanses and small details, the unexpected and the unusual ... these things captivate me. My photographic style ranges from realistic, to impressionistic, to whimsical. My goal in photography is to help people see the beauty that surrounds them, to delight in it, and to develop a sense of wonder about it.

My love affair with photography began in the mid-1960s when I received a Kodak Instamatic 100 camera for Christmas. I am primarily self-taught, though I've participated in many photography seminars, workshops and tours. I travel extensively to capture images of beauty from around the world.

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