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What would you say your customers envision when they hear your company name?

What goes through their minds when they see your logo?

Does your answer to either of those questions make you…uncomfortable?

With the right branding efforts, you can position your company correctly and connect with your target audience. You gain immense benefits by creating a brand that consumers trust and recognize; a brand that they empathize with and actually want to bring into their businesses, their homes and their lives.

*Done right, branding is an immensely powerful tool.
*Done incorrectly, it can lead to disaster.

This book was conceived with a simple goal: To provide you with the understanding and tools necessary to go about branding the right way and reap the benefits that your business deserves.

It walks you through branding from the basics of determining what branding actually is to ways to build expertise. It teaches the elements of branding, how to determine a niche focus and how to exceed customer expectations and build a reputation for excellence. This guide helps you learn how to communicate with a target audience, how to avoid the direct-sell faux pas and what metrics real customers use to determine a company’s quality (or lack thereof).

Don't be left in the dust - branding is essential for your existence in this economy.

The "B" Word - an essential read to create a lifelong brand.


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Bobby Marhamat
bmarhamat Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to my world of branding. Before I start rambling, I want you to get to know me. So I pieced together a quick bio to walk you through my career thus far.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. In fact, I created my first company when I was nine years old. I have helped many companies and business owners look at different ways to make more money by unifying their brand and creating a niche within their target market.

I have worked with and increased exposure and ROI for a number of fortune 500 companies', including Sprint Nextel, Looksmart, Neiman Marcus, Macy's and Verizon Wireless EVO² - not to forget about the hundreds of small business owners that I have taught how to peel away the old layers in their business - with a clear focus on branding themselves to the top.

So I welcome you to the world of branding - and the direct affect it will have on your business' existence.

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