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is a Journal created by the Nightingale Conant International Award-Winning Speaker, Deremiah *CPE just for you. Finally a journal that contains the slogan "BE BABUSHKA HAPPY"...a campaign that inspired some of the most passionate videos and the Happy Thinking Cap invented to make you SMILE by Deremiah *CPE. Journaling is one of the quickest ways to Set Goals and cause you to remember some of the most important affirmations, ideas and visions that you can make come true in your own life. With over 100 lined pages for you to write in and the slogan to remind you to BE BABUSHKA HAPPY. A delightful proven little way for getting you focused on HAPPINESS by getting you to concentrate on gratitude. Get your BE BABUSHKA HAPPY journal today. Isn't it Time you started Creating the HAPPINESS you've always wanted in your life!


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Deremiah *CPE
DeremiahCPE St. Charles, IL, USA
You may have heard me on Nightingale Conant's audio products...where it actually all began to change for me in 2000 when I was first invited by Vic Conant into the Nightingale Conant recording studios to tell my Amazing life story. Recording in the same studios where World Class Speakers and Celebrities like Marianne Williamson, Brian Tracy, Harry Dent, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Seth Godin, Dan Kennedy and even Jay Abraham had all recorded before me was a very Special time for me. It is hard to believe that was 14 years ago when Nightingale Conant, the premiere leader in Professional and Personal Self Development adopted me into the Nightingale Conant Family. If you've ever been chosen...or hand picked by a company that's worked with some Remarkable people you know how good it feels when you become a part of that. It's always an Honor to be a part of the History that Legendary Speaker Earl Nightingale started with "The Strangest Secret" over 50 years ago.

Fecha de publicación  19 de diciembre de 2012

Dimensiones  Comercial  100 páginas Impresión en color (en papel no estucado blanco)

Categoría  Autoayuda

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