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In 1939, World War II erupted and captured our attention. With the horrifying acts of Hitler being broadcast across our nation, many of our young men went to fight for what was right and humane.
These letters were written by Corporal Audie Richard "Dick" Mosley to his sister Edna Mosley during his service. His journey begins as his unit in the 137th Infantry, is hurriedly moved to California after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Infantry's orders were to defend the beaches of California in case of a Japanese invasion.
The 137th Infantry was also stationed at Camp San Luis Obispo, Camp Rucker, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia and New Jersey before their last days in the states were spent in New York City.
On May 24th, 1944, the S S Thomas H. Barry carrying the 137th Infantry arrived at Avonmouth, England and the unit was deployed to Newquay, England for invasion preparations. On July 4th 1944, the unit was rushed to Plymouth. The unit sailed for Omaha Beach on July 7th, landing in Normandy, France on the 9th. That evening the 137th Infantry relieved the 119th Infantry's positions, dug in near Le Meauffe, north of St. Lo.
On July 11th, 1944 the 137th Infantry went into battle. The orders were for 1st Platoon Co. C to be forward observers. 1st Platoon Co. C came under fire and was pinned down on the side of a road. Corporal Audie Richard Mosley was killed by machine gun fire from a hedge row near a fortified church on Highway 3, St. Giles, France at 0715.
His letters always began with the line, "Dear Sis" and often ended with, "Write soon". The images and letters in this book is all there is left of his time with family and friends.

~Scott & Heather Hayes


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