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Welcome to ‘Trash on Trash’, a mixed media photographic art book that
is a collaboration between Tom McEvoy photography and the TrashDolls.
So what are you about to look at, what does it all mean? This is more
than just a series of disconnected images, it’s a study of empowerment
where alternative style and modelling meets unique alternative photographic technique.
TrashDolls are well known for having brilliantly unique and creative models,
whilst Tom McEvoy photography prides itself on creating images away from the computer
and away from the reliance upon Photoshop to do everything visually.
‘Trash on Trash’ is the ultimate in alternative photographic erotic art.
TrashDolls, printed onto found textures and alternative canvas where images
are put through all kinds of creative processes from water painting, food dye staining,
food substance melting, scissor cutting, knife scratching, microwaving,
ironing and much more! Every image in this book has been hand crafted in some way,
the mainstream focus of digital photography has been pushed aside and
mostly likely curb stomped.
It takes real courage and confidence to express yourself in the way these young women
have, they don’t do it to just please you, they don’t do it for the attention, it’s all about the inspiration.


Acerca del autor

Tom McEvoy
anewwave Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Fecha de publicación  13 de diciembre de 2012

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  132 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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