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There are so many small details that create the story of one Chinese herb and much of the initial work of learning is a long slog of memorization, forgetting, and memorizing again. The beautiful photos in this book capture details of the herb that will help you dive deeper into the doctrine of signatures. Nature is truly a work of art and I wanted to capture a bit of that. If you can memorize the basic details with an understanding that each marker---category, flavor, nature, channel, dosage, and herb type--are key pieces to its meaning, the tedium and repetition of the learning becomes less difficult. Throughout your training and career the information contained in these pages is the base upon which you will build all of your herbal knowledge. It is simultaneously basic and complex, and like the whole of Chinese medicine, profound.



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Renee Klorman, M.S., L.Ac.

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and a geek about all things Chinese medicine, particuarly medicinal herbs.

Through most of my Chinese medicine training, I lived in the mountains on a farm where the poetry of nature was more than just words on a page. When I smell the air, soil, and vegetation in different seasons, and know what month it is by the sounds at dawn and dusk, the Huáng Dì Nèi Jing Su Wen and other Chinese medicine classics come to life.

I am equally fortunate that my partner is an organic farmer and not only grows our food, but also grows and sells Chinese medicinal herbs to practitioners. The journey from seed to medicine is extraordinary. Witnessing a farmer cultivate taste, texture, and quality in the herbal plants we use as medicine is an insightful education that I wish for every student and practitioner. Learning Chinese herbology in the classroom is not enough. Go into nature. She is your greatest teacher.

I live in the West with two dogs, a cat, and banjo.

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