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The pressure of society on what it is considered 'natural' and 'correct' plays the biggest role in our lives and affects our choices. As goldfish in a bowl we're unable to map out our lives, but we forget our past and live our lives day by day, like a continued dejà vù.

We end up living a separate life, with our head in a bowl and the rest of the world outside - divided by a one-way communication. The sort of barrier that everyone has, and which keeps us distant from the others. It makes us deaf and our world 'steamed'.

This separation often concerns our very being as well: a subtle but strong border between the world of action (our hands) and the world of ideas (our heads).

Our hands carry the weight of our inner world, like Atlas carries the weight of the sky upon his.

Locked in our world, we sail alone across the sea of our emotions. But as soon as we emerge, we still find ourselves trapped in the goldfish tank and the air we breathe is never fresh. It just fills the lungs and always leaves us overwhelmed as we try to find balance in this new entropy.


Acerca del autor

Dario-Jacopo Lagana
norte_it Berlin, GERMANY
Italian photographer with a production mainly based on black and white both digital and on film. In the last eight years he develops a strong passion for street scenes and travel reportage. After being all around Europe, in Morocco and Cuba, he spent 3 months between Syria, Jordan and Turkey. In the meanwhile he develops studio and post production skills as well as conceptual art projects. He's already involved with national and international exhibitions and magazines. He lives in Berlin.

Fecha de publicación  09 de diciembre de 2012

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  40 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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