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"I started taking these photographs to reassure myself I hadn't started seeing things. I now wonder if life might be less surreal if I did start seeing things," Phil Cain

- "This is the most entertaining album of photos I have ever seen on Facebook! Please make it into a book."
- "We have cried from laughter seeing this album."
- "I will take this book [based on the same album] with me when I am abroad to remind me of my home city."
"This is definitely one of the most entertaining Planners I've seen! Really fun to go through. And, like you said, it's compatible with other years too. Brilliant!" Blurb Books

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A unique compendium of images of Austrian shop windows combined with a handy guide to the fundamentals of 1974.

The book's 134 liberally numbered pages provides a day-by-day breakdown of 1974, along with a variety of other popular years, including the voguish 2013 and ever-popular 1895. You can find a full compatibility chart here:

Its convenient pocket format gives readers the chance to browse the reassuring sequence of days and months at home or on the move. The more adventurous may like to customise the leaves with their own personal handwritten notes, squiggles or drawings. Others still may prefer to keep it pristine in readiness for 2030, 2047 or 2126.

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Acerca del autor

Phil Cain
philcain Austria
Phil moved to Austria from Britain to cover South East Europe for English-speaking media. But a healthy interest in the new sights and sounds of his adopted home unexpectedly nucleated around one thing: Austria's funny, bemusing and sometimes mildly disturbing shop windows. Might they offer some insight insight into what is a closed and deeply private society? If so, what is the message? A collection of "new finds" on Facebook slowly attracted a group of followers who eventually suggested the images be compiled into book form for a wider audience. With a few misgivings Phil has done his best to oblige with "Austrian Windows", while also hoping that the process of sorting through hundreds of pictures might provide him with a degree of closure.

Fecha de publicación  07 de diciembre de 2012

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  134 páginas Impresión en color (en papel no estucado blanco)

Categoría  Humor

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