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When I took the first photo on a train, in Romania, I did not think that after a while I would have at least two reasons to take the second photo and the third one and so on, culminating with editing this album.
First of all, I gathered together these photos to keep alive the memories and feelings that I experienced during my travels by train through Romania and elsewhere. Then I tried to capture in images the passenger’s universe in general, taking into account the fact that trains wagons in Romania undergo an uncertain transition from old and rusty wagons, divided into compartments, equipped with 6 or 8 seats, to modern, open-space ones. Even if during my travels by train my mood changed from the joy given by the euphoria of departure to a certain place into the anxiety sometimes caused by (un)expected delays, the train or more exactly the train compartment always surprised and fascinated me.
An album with 45 black and white photos, like a journey through images into the passenger's universe.


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Cornel Popescu
cornelp Bucharest, Romania

Fecha de publicación  03 de diciembre de 2012

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  60 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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