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Written as a birthday present for a certain Trevor S. Gayheart, this strange collection of nonsensical satire, obscenity, and bizarre science fiction is more of an experiment that a story. Very melodramatic, yet fun and quirky on several levels, this book is likely to have you laughing, thinking, and highly confused (if you can take the often juvenile and offensive humor) for the entire duration of the mind-numbingly long 30 or so pages.


Acerca del autor

Nicolas Rammell
halfofahole Saint Louisville, Ohio, US

I have a particular view that most art in our current culture is quite dead; art that is only made in the sake of money (even with an excuse) is hardly so. In what time I have to dedicate, I enjoy expressing my emotions, experiences, and ideas through different artistic mediums. Although most of my projects have been for non-profit purposes (free art is happy art, after all), I have recently taken a few opportunities that may be lucrative. Still, I prefer to keep my emotions out of money and my ideas something that do not have a price tag when at all possible. For these reasons I believe my deep love for expression is something I enjoy as much more of a hobby than a stable occupation.

Fecha de publicación  26 de noviembre de 2012

Dimensiones  Comercial  32 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Humor

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