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A gorgeous, artfully-presented collection of superb photographs of Southern California's skyline signature, the palm tree. From Catalina to the Inland Empire, from Santa Barbara to Mexicali, the palm is everywhere, both as a living, breathing and reproducing part of the ecosystem and as a design element and cultural totem. Celebrated photojournalist and author Marvin J. Wolf has been creating these images for decades--now they available in a single volume. While Miami has palm trees—lots of them, as do Honolulu, Phoenix, and half the cities in California--even breezy old San Francisco has palm trees. Lately,, even Dallas has been trying to get into the palm act. But LA is the original. The place that put palms in the movies, that made palms famous, that created a skyline signature. Palms are part of the city’s character, not just landscape grace notes but an essential design element, the skyline's fabled signature.


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Marvin Wolf
marvwolf Los Angeles, CA USA
Marvin Wolf began his life in photojournalism as an Army combat photographer in VIetnam. His career took an unexpected turn when he was awarded a battlefield commision as an infantry officer, but he never stopped shooting pictures. After leaving the service he completed his college education, then taught photojournalism parttime while accepting assignments from a multitude of magazines and corporate clients. Reunited with his teenaged daughter in 1984, he segued into writing books because the responsibilities of fatherhood limited his travel. Even after a dozen books and several screenplays, however, photography remains his passion. No longer soliciting assignments, Wolf occupies himself with self-directed projects, a balance of mining his extensive files and creating new images.

Fecha de publicación  25 de noviembre de 2012

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