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The Empath is often the proverbial "wounded healer," learning soul life lessons on the road to discovery of one's gifts amid one's life challenges. Most Empaths don't know who they are or why they often find themselves scattered in the ashes of dysfunctional families or societies. Until Empaths find and own their power, they are in danger of giving it away too easily to others and must learn the value of discernment and boundaries, quite often the hard way. They can fall into people pleasing, codependency or martyrdom negatively, but the positive side of their gift is one of sensitivity and caring enough to desire healing for themselves and the planet, as they feel and hear the "cries of the world." They also see the beauty of life's magic in the small and transparently connected details that others might likely overlook. They are an agent of transformation and balance in a world on the brink of environmental collapse and despair.

This is the sharing of one Empath's life soul journey and lessons learned pearls via photography & art and accented with a poetic fairytale touch.


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Carol Ostrouch
COstrouch NY, USA

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Carol Ostrouch has been writing poetry and taking photos since the age of 7, draws, paints, collages, works with gems to make jewelry, studies herbs and nutrition, spirituality, dreams, Yoga, Reiki and energy work, and other healing modalities. She graduated with a BA in Psychology, and spent a lifetime learning what the overculture did not teach - what it means to be an INFJ clairsentient empath in a world that values the extrovert, the fighter, and the materialistic comsumer on a planet that cries out for healing.

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