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30th March 2010 – Tay and Val, two Singaporean women film-makers, having quit their high-flying careers, sold all their belongings and bade their family and friends farewell; embarked on an epic journey to:

Cycle around the world.
Document dreams inspiring dreams.
Despite without a cent.

This notebook contains an anthology of photos and quotes we have experienced, stumbled upon and etched in the hearts of those whose paths we’ve crossed. On days we felt we could not pedal anymore, in moments of danger and depression, and at times when we wondered, “Why are we even doing this in the first place???”; the same people in these photos, their stories and our musings have kept us going so that we could…

Pedal 1 more mile. Meet 1 more person. Collect 1 more dream.
Inspire 1 more life.

May you too, be encouraged by these moments captured.
May you too, be inspired by these stories.
And may you too, take that 1 more step towards your dreams.

Because sometimes, that 1 more step – is that very 1 more step you need.


Acerca del autor

Tay and Val
taynval Tacoma, WA, USA

"I BELIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE" is a community project, taken on by Tay and Val, with the intentions to:

Spread the belief that dreams can come true
Share stories of people's personal dreams
Inspire dreams
As film-makers, our dream is to tell stories of love, life and hope; stories that inspire. This dream got lost amongst deadlines, budgets and expectations when we were working as full-time TV Producers/Directors. A chance encounter with an old gentleman in Taiwan, Luo Papa reminded us, "Once upon a time, we all had dreams..."

We made a decision to abandon our traditional TV business, sell everything we own and go collect people's dreams all over the world, on our bicycles. Using our skills in story-telling, we want to document stories of people taking that first step towards their dreams, people en route chasing their dreams, and people already living their dreams on videos, photos and writing; and then share these stories with the world.

Fecha de publicación  20 de noviembre de 2012

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  40 páginas Impresión en color (en papel no estucado blanco)

Categoría  Autoayuda

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