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This book is a visual narrative of Burma in 2012 as the nation on the verge of its biggest political change to date.
I visited the fields and the workshops. I met the workers, the farmers and I talked to the monks in the monasteries. I joined the crowds travelling by boat, bus and train. I looked for the National League for Democracy remotest offices and I spoke to the dissidents. I walked with the first peaceful demonstrations; I defied the ban and glanced inside the polling stations.
I visited the NLD headquarters in Rangoon, celebrated with the newly elected members of Parliament, listened to the wisdom of senior leaders, and crossed the smile of ‘The Lady’: Aung San Suu Kyi.

My hope is that these images will encourage free people to use their liberty to promote the dream of the people of Burma.
My dream is that the people of Burma will one day look at these photos and remember this time as the start of a radiant future.

“Good photographers and good journalists are master at communication, with a talent for presenting as accurately as possible what is happening in one part of the world to the rest of the globe. They are a boon to those of us who live in lands where there is no freedom of expression… Please use your liberty to promote ours”
Aung San Suu Kyi


Acerca del autor

Valerio Berdini
liveon35mm UK
Born in Rome, Italy in 1970, Valerio Berdini is now resident in Cambridge, UK. Photographing from a very young age, he has developed a personal language that merges a traditional aesthetic, influenced by the masters of photojournalism, with an incessant attention to the evolution of contemporary society. His photographic projects bring his cameras around the world where a transformation is in place. Valerio always seeks for eye contact. Either with singles, small groups or huge masses, hearing stories from people is the driving force to put together his own stories. As a live music photographer he is recognized within the International live music scene with an archive of hundreds of bands shot and has been published on numerous music related publications. Valerio work has been published in national and international papers and magazines, including Travel Photography, L’Actualité, Grazia, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent.

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