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Nepal, a small country located in the heart of the highest mountains in the world. A country with an ancient culture and fascinating spirituality, squeezed between two neighboring giants, China and India. Similarly, the Nepali culture has been historically shaped by the two main traditions, Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, now harmoniously coexisting and evident in every stepof daily life. My unforgettable photographic expeditionto Nepal, organized in March of 2012 by a bi-monthly on-line magazine, was for me a true learning experience. This was not only a journey of a mere discovery of some exotic culture living outlandishly on the Roof of the World, or a simple confrontation with the majesty of the two Himalayan giants, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, that can be seen directly just from numerous banana plantations or the high mountainous Mustang Desert. What I saw was an awe inspiring world of harmony. A harmony between cultures. A world of symbiotic relation between the uncontrollable Nature and the people, humbly reverent yet perfectly adapted to this flinty, austere and ever mighty environment.
I learned that each step is a step forward, each and every moment - utmost valuable. Therefore, I invite you to this transcendental photographic journey and I hope this experience will be for you as enlightening and exalting,
as it was for me.
Jacek Kadaj


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Jacek Kadaj
I am a photographer and graphic designer. I offer fine stock images and art photography for individual and commercial licensing. I also offer design services for other artists, including books desktop publishing and web pages design. Currently based in Warsaw, Poland. More information and my photographic portfolio you can find on:
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