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Critters: A Tribute to Compassion

Since we humans are part of the circle of life and share the planet with myriad lifeforms, most of us are interested in other creatures. This collection of photos needs no more introduction than that.

Yet I am compelled to say something about compassion because, after millenia living with animals and being dependent on them for our survival, many humans are still unkind, if not indiffent to animals. It seems that compassion—caring about the suffering of other sentient beings—is not innate in many humans. It is a learned response for some of us. Growing up around farming, hunting, and trapping, it took me years to become aware of this and apply the lessons in my own life.

This little collection of images is therefore dedicated to all creatures great and small (to borrow an elegant phrase) and with the hope that humans soon learn to treat animals with the kindness and respect they deserve.

Dennis Slifer
Sow's Ear Farm, Virginia


Acerca del autor

Dennis Slifer
dslifer The jungle (Lexington, VA), unless I'm in the desert (Santa Fe, NM).
Dennis Slifer is a writer and photographer with wide-ranging interests. He is the author of eight books about prehistoric rock art in the Southwest, as well as "The Caves of Maryland" and various environmental reports and magazine articles. In 2007 he retired as an environmental scientist in New Mexico and moved to rural Virginia where he divides his time between writing, homesteading, and traveling. He has produced a memoir plus eleven other books with Blurb since 2011: - Be Careful What You Wish For: The Saga of Sow’s Ear Farm - Ambling Around the Atacama and the Altiplano - Sol y Sombra: Meeting the Shadow - Art on the Rocks: The Best of the Quest - My People Collection - Quay's Tale: A Memoir of Monkey Boy - Critters: A Tribute to Compassion - Sideway Cider Squeezin" - Marking Change: Post-contact Rock Art in the Southwest - Curios: Collecting Eclectic - THIS IS IT!: Strange Signs, Social Oddities, and Antidotes to Boredom

Fecha de publicación  23 de octubre de 2012

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