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Enjoy a copy of my first book called “Peace, Power, Purpose, Prosperity, but what about Perseverance?” Originally written in Japan, my idea was to write a book that gave a voice to those who are afraid to speak out in order for the truth to be revealed. My book talks about how we are living to be made creates in this world of labels, but we struggle in a result. There are some adults who still does not know who they are and are lost. We no longer live with purpose but for competition, even when most know they can not keep up because it is not their destiny to. Once you stop trying to be like everyone else, then life will get easier. Stop trying to prove yourself because like I always say, when you stop trying to prove yourself is the day you have stopped proven yourself. Life isn't about surviving to compete, but about surviving to live. We may never come together to see what we are all heading to, but at the end we are all God’s children, we all have issues we deal with, and no one is perfect; but if we all would come together, more kids wouldn't grow up too fast and graduate high school, more parents would still be married, and more lives would be save.

When we are asked the question of why the young are constantly in trouble or seem a bit confused, are we being ask to why we are not giving them something to do? What are we offering them? What are we presenting to them as the future?


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MJ's Be YOU allows others to be themselves by discovering who they are through a series of events. I specialize in writing, motivational speaking, and volunteering. I have a passion for helping others and making a difference in someone's life. Help me help you by purchasing a copy of my book. I look forward to your purchase. God Bless! -MJ

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