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"everything from friends and family, to trains and cars, to skateboarding and hikes, to crazy signs and smeared light, to newspapers and tires, to sunset gatherings and birds flying, to feet in grass and head on body, to dark slurry beings and mountain photo shoots, to extreme pogo sticking and high jumping, to getting splashed with 200 gallons of water and breaking a lens, to slipping and landing lens to rock and body to lens, and walking by reservoirs for mother's day, and walking the getty center, and seeing up close dragonflies, and making photographic collages digitally, watching family members blow out candles and puppies turn to dogs, to friends in front of flying pigs, and pet cats that are no longer in this world. THIS BOOK IS FILLED WITH EVERY DAY LIFE. it has the best of the bunch in photographs from the many journeys, hikes, and photo shoots from 2005-2006. this is not a portfolio, and many photographs are far from great. but included are SOME OF THE FINEST PHOTOGRAPHS I HAVE TAKEN, and i hope more than just me will love them too. WILLIAM MICHAEL JOHN CARROLL"
-excerpt from inner sleeve.


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Willie Carroll

Fecha de publicación  12 de septiembre de 2008

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Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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