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Fifteen years ago I flew from Los Angeles to Cincinnati on a clear winter day. Thirty thousand feet below I could see breathtaking desert formations. There and then I decided that one day I'll return to these places by land for shooting.

And in March 2012, there I was: California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. 2500 miles in ten days, starting in Los Angeles -–as I once did - with Dorothy Johnson, a Cincinnati born model living in San Francisco! LA and Cincinnati - history revisited!

Five months before the trip I was looking for a model to accompany me; the moment I saw Dottie's eyes I knew she's The One. I'm still not sure why; a sixth sense perhaps? It soon turned out I was right: starting a physically and mentally demanding adventure as perfect strangers, it immediately proved to be a perfect match between a photographer and a model.

The weather was hard: low temperatures at high altitudes, often below freezing point, strong winds, snow, rain.… Long off-road treks, harsh rocks and sharp tree branches were Dottie's everyday treat. She proved to be unbreakable though: her fervor, endurance and energy turned impossible conditions into inspiring shooting. Where often I was about to quit, she pushed on and on.

On the following pages you are about to join Dottie and me on this journey of discovering Gaia: a journey through the beauty of woman and nature, passion and art but most of all a journey that ended in a very dear friendship.


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Dejan Dizdar
cdastudio Ashkelon, Israel
Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia where I studied music and electrical engineering. From late 70's till now exhibited worldwide at close to 400 group exhibitions winning prizes and awards and held 25 one-man shows in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Israel, South Africa and Russia. Photographs published in numerous magazines and books and sold to collectors in places as remote as New Caledonia or Tasmania. Teaching the Art of Nude in a photographic studio in Tel Aviv and in subject-dedicated workshops. Holding the EFIAP (Excellence, Federation Internationale d'Art Photographique) title. Currently living in Israel, with frequent visits to Europe. In 2010 established the International Photographic Art Center in Serbia.

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