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This 30 year retrospective of photographer Tom Clark's career shooting pro is showcased in a beautifully crafted book with 211 images across 120 pages. The celebrities, the models, the actors, the singers, the dancers, the athletes and the fine art nudes are all here in a dizzying display of beauty and unfettered sensuality. Adding depth to the images are Tom's accompanying stories that allow us a peek behind the curtains and some insight into who he is and how he works.

From Photographer Frank Bennett:
Tom is one of those rare artists whose skill with visual mediums is matched by his equally elegant use of language. After meeting Tom my initial respect for his photography quickly gave way to love for his art in its complexity and layered beauty. When watching him work it becomes immediately obvious that he approaches his imagery without an agenda. He simply captures each thought, each feeling, each breath of light and texture with a brilliance that sets his work apart from any other photographer.

And because Tom flows so organically through the very images he is creating, anything can and does happen. With no thought to please the masses, his subtle intensity affords him a creative versatility that few artists can approach, and none can duplicate. A single image may be at once profoundly disturbing and quite beautiful, while the next might be exquisitely evocative in its tenderness. His work never fails to produce admiration, excite imagination and generate lively discussion by all who view it. And because I love that sort of interaction, a copy of every one of Tom’s books can be found on my coffee table. So much more can be said about Tom but if you truly want to know him you need simply view his photography and read his prose.

From Writer and Editor Mike Norton:
Many photographers have their own little niche. Ansel Adams could capture the great outdoors, especially Yosemite, like nobody before or since. Anne Geddes captures motherhood and the innocence of babies beautifully. But if you want to enjoy the work of an artist who truly captures the human soul, you are in luck. Tom Clark has honed his gift of capturing souls on film for over thirty years as a professional photographer. Whether his subject is a Hollywood legend, an anonymous model or a close personal friend, Tom has a gift for capturing on film a sliver of the soul of every person he photographs.

And now with Storytime, Tom shares the stories behind some of his favorite photos from a growing lifetime of work. In his past compilations we've seen bits of the souls Tom has captured over the years. Now as he shares the stories behind the photos, prepare to see a bit of the soul of Tom Clark.

From Photographer Gordon Nebeker:
Tom Clark is a photographer's photographer. He is the real thing and a master of his art and craft. Each of his photographs is a treasure to consider and be thoughtfully opened like a gift. And just when you think you have understood the photograph you are looking at, some new element appears to your eye or to your understanding that serves to reinforce why Tom's work is so compelling and makes you want to view more. What a joy to have this new retrospective of his photographic work over the past 30 years to add to my valued and well thumbed art books.

From Photographer Lynne Ericksson:
Combine the most adept skill with superb, transcendent vision and you begin to appreciate the exceptional creative eye that Tom Clark brings to every image he captures and creates. His work is mesmerizing and sure to enthrall every viewer who has the soul and spirit to appreciate his work.

From Photographer Andrew Craig Sanderson:
It is difficult to find words of sufficient honour to praise Tom's work. His photographs are captivating, powerful, rich with quiet thunder and exquisite silence. In a world saturated with photographs Tom Clark creates masterpieces. His talent is precious, a sweetly intoxicating joy for the senses. Erotica without fear, pixels teeming with story, Tom's work is a stunning visualisation of freedom.

From Auri Wann, Tom's Daughter:
Growing up with a dad who is a photographer changed the way I look at the world. Pops has been taking pictures professionally as long as I've been alive - I grew up in his studio in Hollywood and have always been a part of his work.; creating and capturing beauty is just a part of who we are and how we breathe.

From Actress Judith Chapman:
Throughout my many journeys in life, Tom has always been there to capture them; beautifully.


Acerca del autor

Tom Clark
beaniecapguy Utah

Born in Alaska, raised in Italy and upperschooled in the US, Tom Clark has long straddled two cultures; drawing at times from each of them to create an amalgam of influences that are increasingly evident in his artwork.

Fecha de publicación  10 de agosto de 2012

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  120 páginas Papel ProLine perlado

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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