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This book represents my very own point of view on the beauty of the city and its inhabitants — this is a fascinating journey through the Moscow's street life.
While walking down the streets of my amazing city, I notice something what other people just miss in the daily rush.
All images for this book were taken and processed using the iPhone 4.
This book is the proof that photography has reached to a new level.
It's not a competition, it's just a right to life, it's just a game of Hide and Seek.


Acerca del autor

Natali Prosvetova
NaProsvet Moscow, Russia
Natali Prosvetova, aka NaProsvet. Born, bred and lives in Moscow. Being creatively inclined, Natali choose the profession of actress. Not surprisingly, later on photography became one of her biggest passions. Armed with her iPhone, Natali began to explore photography in February 2011. She continued to be fascinated by a new hobby, developing her skills from just capturing images, to moving into the art of iPhoneography. From small time killing habit iPhoneography became her biggest addiction which almost changed her life. From June 2011 her works has been constantly published in the online galery Pixels: The Art of the iPhone and she was introduced to the Pixels community as first iPhoneartist from Russia. A selection of Natali's works have been exhibited at the Renaissance Fine Art Gallery in Carmel, as well as at the "MINA" in New Zealand, at the first WiAM exhibition in Naples. In August 2012 Natali participated in the first iPhonography exhibition which took place in Moscow(Rus)

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