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Fotos von einer Wüstensafari in Libyen auf 120 Seiten mit 150 Fotos


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Regina Siebrecht
GinasBooks Bensheim, Germany

Fecha de publicación  26 de julio de 2012

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  120 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Viajes

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Fraser1 dice

Hello Gina,
I am not sure I am replying to you correctly. So far you have looked at my books of.. Southern India Iran and Sri Lanka.
I have not made my books "PUBLIC" before so this is a new learning curve for me. For example........did you get my reply to you about Iran??? I think I may have sent my reply of into the 'NEVER NEVERS"
I also suggested you can contact me by email My wife and I live in Sydney Australia.
If you have not been getting my replies about countries we have visited, it would be easier to explain by email.

publicado 17 de ago. a las 21:50 PST


Fraser1 dice

Hello Gina,
First let me say 'thank you' for your kind comments about my 'SOUTHERHN INDIA" book.
I have looked at your books which have some wonderful photos. I did notice in your book "WUSTENTRAUME" (?) a two page spread of a camel convoy crossing a desert with mountains in the background. The mountains on the right hand page are not lined up with the left hand page. I made the same mistake when I first started photo books. Fortunately I had help from a professional photographer/teacher. So I quickly learned to watch my two page spreads. The teacher also taught me to leave space around photos and not to butt them hard up against each other, unless it was a continuing photo in a two page spread.
I hope these suggestions will help with your next book. They are not meant to be criticisms.
I am off to Japan in October, so there will be another photo book to create.

publicado 17 de ago. a las 18:30 PST

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