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"Tears of Venus is a stunning photographic meditation on the mystery of the Divine Feminine. Jennifer Esperanza's images and the messages they convey are stirring beyond words, giving us a fresh, fine look at the essence of woman. A feast for the eye: a blessing for the heart"

~ Joseph Dispenza
The Way of the Traveler


Acerca del autor

Jennifer Esperanza
mahita_jenny Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am a working, social justice, culture & art photographer working in New Mexico & California. My work has often been called sensual and it is popular. It has been shown in galleries & has been published in magazines and books for over 18 years. I love the ocean and some days I feel like I could swim in the New Mexico sky.

My New Book is Titled
I Like My Heroes Real
Part 1

& is offered here on Blurb

Words about my book Tears of Venus ~ Here on Blurb

"Charged with graceful eroticism,
the images in Tears of Venus fuse
the natural world with the bodies of women. Intricate tattoos spiral upon their naked skin, so that the skin, the flowers, the women, altogether brush us up against the sacred."

Tim Ward
Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess

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mahita_jenny dice

~ Thank you Lynda ... I am so happy to see you here.
All the best to you in these wild times!

publicado 10 de ene. a las 06:27 PST


lyndafbraun dice

it looks wonderful Jennifer. I look forward to seeing it in person.

publicado 09 de ene. a las 08:30 PST


mahita_jenny dice

≈ Thanks so much Audrey! ≈
Paz y Amor,

publicado 18 de ago. a las 11:43 PST


WoodenCanvas dice

<3 's Galore!!! Beautiful.

publicado 18 de ago. a las 11:26 PST


mahita_jenny dice

≈ Thank you for your kind comment ≈

publicado 02 de jun. a las 12:37 PST


gingiskahn dice

Touching, moving, a mix of joy, sadness and despair and back to joy. What a great collection.

publicado 05 de may. a las 00:57 PST

I Like My Heroes Real - Arte y fotografía libro de fotografías
Publicado 18 de mayo de 2012

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