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A huge impact destroys the planet.
While usual people got killed, the elite of science, politics and war is able to protect themselves in bunkers.
They start fighting each other for the remaining recources.
Joon is only 23 and already a highly appreciated scientist.
After he lost his best friend in an experiment, he turns his back to science and decides to join the army as a soldier, ready to take revenge.
One after another dies in merciless battles about life and death.
Joon loses his left arm, but is still able to take advantage of his knowledge.
He replaces his arm and begins to call himself ‚Ichiya‘ - the first cyborg.
When all his members have died, he creates a robot boy called ‚Zero‘, who is supposed to replace his best friend, but Zero is clumsy and gets him into trouble, instead of helping him, much to Ichiyas dissatisfaction.
While Zero is only a machine to him, he doesn‘t realize, that what he created is becoming more and more human...


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Dany Gold
DynamiteGold Trier, Rheinland Pfalz, Deutschland
- 23 years old - Bachelor of arts in fashion design - currently studying for Master of arts - except for fashion design Dany Gold is active as a singer, writer and illustrator...

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