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This Edition features the HIGHLIGHTS and FAVORITE images from the Scandinavian with Russia Cruise and the Wonders of Europe tour. Countries visited includes: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Vatican, and Netherlands.

All images were taken with my candy colored plastic lens toy camera--HOLGA CMY. Lomographs were scanned with a normal processed Konica Pro400 120 film. Prints are also available for sale in square format 8x8 inches.


Acerca del autor

Jonathan De Guzman
“Natural talent best describes TanMan, the photographer. He possesses a keen eye for beauty and style. His images evoke emotions. Different kinds of them like all the angles and views from his camera. The camera is an extension of his mind’s eye. Blinking as the shutter clicks producing the wondrous and compelling pictures that records life moments. . His work shows his technical expertise, creativity, and the use of appropriate professional equipment. He is a contributing photographer for Getty Images, and has published books. . These days when life moves so fast, one appreciates a snapshot. A memory recorded, viewed, and relived. TanMan captures life’s highlights, beautifully.” . by: Alvin and Janice De Guzman

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