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Harry destroys the Earth - Saves the Earth - Destroys all Disease - Poverty - War - Hate and ushers in humankinds Golden Age. He also turns Mars the RED PLANET into Mars GREEN PLANET.
Oh ! Is he worried about the 2000 Nuclear Rockets heading towards him ?
Are you kidding ? He's not stupid.

The word BUM in this story is not the US vagrant but the English BUM as in the US Butt. (Backside)


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Peter Long
Peterat3 England
65 years old. Married 35 years. Wife Marian. Three children. Three grandchildren. Love Sci-Fi of the Star Wars - Pitch Black type. Love history, pre-history. Love computers, photography, Wagner, rock+roll. Favourite groups-Beatles, Stones, Fleetwood Mac. Stoneground. Brewer and Shipley (Tarkio Road). Honest to God blues.(People like Blind Willy McTell) Also Traditional Jazz. I like around 10% of modern music (Some of it is very good.) Favourite books are Hothouse by Brian Aldiss, and The Prophet.

Fecha de publicación  26 de agosto de 2008

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Categoría  Niños

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