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The Adventures of Persephone is a tale within a tale. Newly divorced, in therapy and seriously menopausal, Seffy Forrester stumbles upon an ancient illustrated Daybook written by a precocious sixteen year old girl.
It chronicles her terrifying decent into Hades, where she meets HIM. She is taught the seductive, arcane wisdom of MOON MAGIC, and the new knowledge she possesses prepares her to fulfill her destiny.

On her adventures, Persephone learns the herbal craft of the Drabengi Trollians, who no more than three feet tall, change color and shape as they speak. At the Queen's urging, she reluctantly partakes of a secret ceremony that will change her life forever.

Persephone then realizes that her fate is inextricably woven with the diabolical Trickster. He has put a curse on her village. Exposing the most despicable side of their human nature, neighbor turns against neighbor.

Seffy is amazed to discover that her own nightmares somehow mirror the events in the Daybook. Perhaps their souls are connected in some mysterious way. Will she understand that it takes great courage to trust one's own warrior nature or will she allow the paralyzing "Black Moods" to destroy her soul forever?


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Victoria Golos
A native New Yorker, Victoria Golos left her home at the age of fifteen, a season after the "Summer of Love." Her interest in the subconscious aspects of the human psyche and the use of symbolism to express a state of mind, is reflected in her unique vision. education: University of "Learning from Life's Experiences"--- --"Where I am a perpetual student of human nature and the natural world in which I live, love , and laugh."

Fecha de publicación  23 de agosto de 2008

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Categoría  Ciencia ficción y fantasía

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