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She had spent all of her life running, running from her past, running from her future, running from things that would scare her so badly she felt like she could not breathe. One of those things she ran so desperately away from was love. She had seen what it could do in the past, what it did to her family, her friends and occasionally even to herself when she would stop running long enough. It was never a pretty picture. Just like almost everyone else in the world, Lynn had some pretty deep emotional scars. Unfortunately, she used them as an excuse not to let her guard down.

Over the years very, few people did break down those defenses and saw past the illusions she fabricated. She was so afraid of getting hurt again that as soon as someone got too close she would shut down. The fear was too real for her. After the years she spent trying to recover from the damage of the emotional terrorist she wasted a year and a half of her life on, her self-esteem remained shattered. It seemed as if nothing would ever put the pieces back together.


Acerca del autor

Stoney Jackson II
djstoneyj atlanta, ga
About the Author Much like the philosopher, Stoney Edward Jackson II is just like an ordinary guy with thoughts that go beyond the imagination. He explore's topics ranging from life's struggles, to over coming the most difficult experiences. The poetry in this book are considered to be his deepest frustrations that endures the pain that he felt so deeply in his heart. The pages that he writes upon express a lot of mixed emotions that he has felt. This book is not just pictures and words, but a peaceful place he goes when he is feeling low. A place where he finds an end to a bad beginning, where his feelings linger and become one. A place where his heart no longer aches, but his soul begins to mend, and doors will open to a new world between life, death, pain, sorrow, sickness, and health. But above all a place where his soul is left.

Fecha de publicación  12 de junio de 2012

Dimensiones  Comercial  90 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Erotismo y relaciones

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