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The Blurbs Of The Two Stories

Book 1 : Why to fear Death
In the depths of a cold dark forest, the hooded shadowed figure is following you with lurking steps, you can feel the cold breaths on the side of your neck as it plunges for a sip, you wake to find that you are in the room, your reflection is pale, and your skin is as cold as night, you wonder to yourself, will it ever end, is God at my side, or am I trapped in a place far worse than Heaven.

Book 2 : Behind the Door
Famous detective of London, James and yourself, embark on an amazing Journey to Transylvania of the borders of the Carpathian Mountains, although James is not himself, you follow him through the eery screaming walls of the Castle to a small wooden door locked with a large chain, but behind the door, is the biggest mystery that has kept the Town quiet for centuries.

This Book is by Joshua Radwell-Rogers


Acerca del autor

Joshua Radwell-Rogers
Joshua17096 Perth, WA, Australia

Hey Readers!
My name is Joshua Radwell-Rogers, I am currently a student in Year 11, and am hoping to graduate from college at Year 12 then move to University and study Journalism and Creative Writing. My biggest dream is to become a successful author and have people fall in love with my characters, and maybe one day have on of them become a blockbuster!
I write all my books for leisure and fun, but some of them (Terra) are School Assignments I take further after finishing them.
I hope you enjoy reading my books! And I appreciate all sales made, as I do make a profit from all sales!
Thank you very much and happy reading!! :)
- Joshua

Fecha de publicación  10 de junio de 2012

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  32 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Misterio y policiacas

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