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The Magnetic Field is about the pull of opposites; self and other, conscious and unconscious, “skilled” and “childish.” Smear, scrub, splotch, scratch, scribble, play, transgress. …. I put these together and came out with the notion that really there is only love.

The Magnetic Field is a show of recent work by Berkeley artist and dreamer Dorothy Nissen at Gallery Route One open through June 24, 2012. The gallery is open WTFSSM, 3-5. You can email the artist at dorothynissen@comcast.net.


Acerca del autor

Dorothy Nissen
dorothynisse Berkeley, California
I grew up in a suburban house on an antediluvian riverbed near the orange groves at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Southern California. Lulled to sleep by crickets on summer nights, I woke early to nearly touch the blue mountains filling my window. One day backpacking I knew that I had to draw the mountains showing the evolutionary striation of the rocks. Later I felt some sense of wholeness drawing the moving figure of a friend dancing around the pool. After MA in Claremont went to NYC with award from Brooklyn Museum School. Mid-60s delirium and working in inner city schools in East Harlem and East New York, Brooklyn. Marriage to a life of love and nightmare… Returned together to CA 1971, lived in the Castro for 20 years, moved to Berkeley in 1994 living happily ever after.

Fecha de publicación  09 de junio de 2012

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  48 páginas Papel ProLine perlado

Categoría  Bellas artes

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