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I believe that in large part, I am who I love.

I am made by the social worlds I inhabit, and I also choose them.

A very mobile, global, American, I increasingly have social connections across the world and I am beginning to see the ways that places, and the cultures in each place, give definition to the people that call them home.

But many of my friends have more than one home or place that has shaped them, and I have sides of family very different from one another. So I find myself an amalgam of these places and faces, and choose which to become. As I travel to more places, I see myself change, and choose to change. I start to wonder, since the people I love are shaped by the places they love, am I also shaped by those places second hand? Globalization is a truly incredible thing. I am trying to connect my people to their places, and understand what that means to me.

So, I'm musing on this and making digital photographs.

Thanks for looking,


FYI If you are inclined to buy one: I make $10 each from these prices.


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lillian laurence
lmlaurence California

lillian shoots and loves doing it.


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