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This stylish book touches upon a wide variety of subject matter pertaining
to things which I captured while living in San Diego between early 1978 and early 1985. Highlights of the first half of this book include 3 double page vistas of the Gaslamp Quarter in 1978 before redevelopment:

1. Looking northwest from 5th and G Street, standing on the southeast corner where Urban Outfitters store is today, featuring the west side of 5th street, where today many dine on fine cuisine.
2. Looking ne from the sw corner of 5th and F street, featuring the east side of 5th street on that block taken the same day as the previously mentioned photo.
3. Peering into the heart of Horton Plaza in 1979 E street facing toward 4th street, Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" is the movie featured on the Plaza Theaters marquee. It also features 4 sailors on leave, several go-go dance clubs, a guy making a phone call from a pay phone, a guy who looks like he's about to grab girl, and what could be construed as a furtive transaction.

This book really brings back the character of the era. I'm confident you'll find them fascinating. The last half of the book is loaded with pictures of the natural beauty of the San Diego area and some of it's local events such as Thunder boat racing on Mission Bay (pink Circus Circus Hotel Casino Las Vegas sponsored boat being chased by pink CC helicopter going full-throttle over 200 mph! Look at that rooster tail!)

Absolutely Iconic paparazzi style shot of Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mgr. Tony Smith of Genesis (all three inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2011), coming out of a Tower Records store in April 1978.

There is also a 1986 photo of John McEnroe, multiple winner of the Wimbledon Mens Singles championship, captured in an absolute effortless moment during the finals match, before ultimately defeating Stefan Edberg during L A Tennis Open Action.
There are many gorgeous seascapes and sunsets included as well. This book you'll love!


Acerca del autor

Kevin Perttula
(b. 1957) I am a mostly self taught, photo-artist who, at age 10 , began learning by doing after receiving a Black & White film processing kit. I fought my way out of the house by earning an athletic scholarship to play college football. After one year, taking what few classes in photography the college had to offer, I learned about Hurter–Driffield curves, what toe and shoulder are as well as what film base plus fog meant. I photographed my first of several billboard in 1980 for a Atlas Hotels, a local hotel chain, which was displayed at 32 locations in several states. Have worked for Paul Mitchell Systems and Sauvage Swimwear back in 1982-83. Moved to L A in '84 continued rebuilding my portfolio, and developing talent for a few top agents, while shooting the occasional commercial job. I'm available for commissioned work, while I work on my next book. My style is totally unique, and I make beautiful timeless images

Fecha de publicación  25 de mayo de 2012

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