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updated text 10-11-12
Thanks for visiting and taking a look.

updated text 7-16-12
I have decided to stop worrying about the price and make this book to my satisfaction. Many changes in store, this is a good book with strong images but more time for me in the woodshed I hope will make it very special. New possible changes can be seen here;

If interested follow along on twitter look for questions in posts Tip or Tale? Play along which will they be?

Book will be hardcover and certainly longer maybe larger (unsure on exact size) wish there were more options here like say 9.5Hx11W. We will see, great design flexibility here, just limited in sizes. A 10x10 would be nice 12x12 would kill the intimacy I am shooting for.

So if I never find a publisher for a real book this will be a limited edition book signed and numbered sold off my website. That said I will try to get a handle on the e-book thing in case any body would like this dummy in that form. This dummy may be a collector item one day or not. I'm getting a ton of interest in the project so I am excited. Selling the book (even a dummy) for cost is silly so that has changed. Thanks for visiting, I hope the book was interesting.

If you buy the present book I am happy to sign & # it for you, if you cover shipping. I am in the US.

"updated text" 6-15-12
(OK I think this is better)
Although I started it in 2009 and am mostly very satisfied with it this is still a dummy book (a mock up) I am still playing with it's design it is available at my cost should you choose to purchase. Blurb will not allow a public view without a price in the box so it is for sale. If purchased note I used the lustre paper in my personal copy.

So here is the deal: As I work in Blurb it is an opportunity to work in a few different ways.

1- I can work with my images in creative ways for myself and others so they can enjoy them in book form online or purchase their own copy. In this manor I can still work with sequencing, sizing and 2 page relationships and underlying stories and so on but that is not pushing the boundaries of the contemporary photo book for progressive publishers today.

2- So here also is an excellent opportunity to work through ideas of the book as a visual vehicle (quite unlike walls) that offers many opportunities, with the intention being to find a real world publisher. Photo books have come a long way in the last 10-15 yrs.

for more on this see:

I am having trouble making my books as affordable as possible which is very hard in POD even being happy to sell at cost they are not inexpensive. I want to stretch all my creative options which generally will make the books larger, hardback and more expensive. It is a work in progress, but at least, you can see the books as I go along here online. In addition to this book there are a couple of others I have been working on so we will see "its a journey not a destination." A painting is never done the artist just finds a nice place to stop.

"original text"
I worked on this book until the images developed a strong unified voice. For the roughly 50 images I used, 300 different ones made between 2005 and 2010 were tried in various sequences, sizes and combinations. Over time some images started refusing being swapped out for different ones and began rejecting any new companions. The book now had it's voice, I was both relieved and elated.


Acerca del autor

George Elsasser
100a Virginia Beach, VA

"I believe a far greater intelligence (than my self) can work through me if I can get out of the way. At this point in my artistic journey I am starting to feel I am more like an instrument being played than a person playing an instrument."

George Elsasser’s career began in 1977 while pursuing his fine art degree and he shortly received numerous awards for his photography in juried exhibitions in venues such as the Chrysler Museum of Art and New York University. Mr. Elsasser’s work has received six solo exhibitions and been included in eleven group shows. In 1997 his work was exhibited in a Twenty Year Retrospective at the Hermitage Foundation Museum in Norfolk,

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