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When I mention the city Oakland California, no one ever thinks about the natural beauty that we have here. This beautiful city is over shadowed by the reputation of inner city images, yet we have parks, hiking trails, and healthy green terrain all around the city. When I began taking pictures of my hiking adventures, my friends were amazed with the images - mainly because they also lived in Oakland, and I was able to show them our city in a different perspective. I captured secret waterfalls in Leona Heights Park, quiet and striking. Also Joaquin Miller Park was the site where I followed a setting sun that sneaked light and shadow through the trees into the woods. Over two years I was on a mission to learn about the different landscapes of Oakland, sometimes getting lost deep into the vegetation of fallen leaves and tall trees wandering around with my camera and tripod. This is the love I have for my city, I don’t know how much longer Oakland will continue to look like this, and I wanted to forever immortalize this moment with a picture.

- Bullimalinna Sot
CSUEB Class of 2010
B.A in Art; Option: Multimedia and Photography + minor Art History


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Bullimalinna Sot
khmerxbxboi Oakland, Ca
Going to college up in CSUEB, I broke out of the stereo type that all Cambodians were gang members or thugs in the crazy streets of Oakland, but I knew that attending to an higher stage in my life I will face many people who will look down on me or critisize my logics as something lower then their standards. But I know in my heart I fought many battle's just to face and become who I am today. Attending college I am not the best in my classe's but what made me different from the people who know it all is that I was raised up from the bottom to the top. I'm a street soldier and an Angkor Warrior. But understanding who I am, I know that I can surve anything that comes up in my life. I live life not to think about it but to live it.

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