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God has given you a weapon called tongue you can either rule your world or ruin your world with this weapon. It can assist you to add value to your world or reduce value that your life has. You can use it to move your life forward or draw your life backward.

Seeds planted are expected to grow and bring fruit or harvest for the planter. You can only reap what you say. If you talk freedom, you'll reap freedom. If you talk poverty and failure that is exactly what you'll reap, that is why we need to be very careful what we say concerning ourselves per time especially when we found ourselves in a horrible situations.

Many people have used their mouth to condemn their future. It is not possible to confess wealth and reap poverty, neither is it possible to confess breakthrough and reap frustration. Never condemn your future with your mouth no matter your present condition. If you say you will fail, it is certain that you'll fail.

The mouth is a hazardous weapon, which can work for or not in favor of you, depending on how it is used. Your mouth is not meant for eating alone it is also a device for charting the course of your life

But how many people understand this principle? How true are the words? The whole world was created by the spoken words of God and not his thoughts or quietness.

That should give us an insight into how things work here on earth from the spiritual realm. We should understand that we live first in the spiritual before we transmit to the physical. Therefore, if you have not won in the spiritual, you can’t win in the physical realm of life.

The book is not ordinary book that you will read and throw away. The confessions and prayers have the power to move you from where you are now to where you suppose to be. The confessions are Holy Ghost inspired and the prayers are prayers that many people have prayed one or two of them and they got tremendous result.


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Sam Hunsu
SAMHUNSU United States
Sam Hunsu is a sought-after and Young Dynamic Int’l Author, Writer, Publisher, a Visionary Leader, Life Coach, Minister and an Entrepreneur, a prestigious member of International Leadership Association, United States and Association Of Leadership Educators, United States and also an Alumni of London School of Journalism He is the Publisher/Editor in Chief of Winning Strategies Magazine; a weekly Int’l Magazine, President and Founder Leadership Plus- Africa, an International organization with the vision to raise young generation of leaders to become responsible leaders in various sector of the economy, through capacity and intellectual building programs. The C.E.O Seyoncom and the Co-Founder - Blessed Hand Foundation, an International Charity Organization with the vision to reach out to the unreached, with unbeatable passion to reduce poverty in Africa and other continents. Follow him on Twitter@SAMHUNSU

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