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This is a book about curiosity. Mine, yours and of the people I met lately. A book about how I see things and how I like to capture them with my camera. I'm not a professional photographer or an artist, at least at the moment. I'm just someone curious about the world we live in. That's why we're here in the first place, right? We want to see, to know... to discover. My curiosity brought me here in Cambodia where I live now and I don't know where it'll bring me in the future. I usually follow my feelings, instincts and sensations. When I first got to Cambodia the vibe was good, and I wanted to move out of Europe anyway, so I just thought "why not?". I'm here for totally different things but art, photography, design are always travelling with me. I put together this small first collection of pictures I took in the first period here. I decided to put them in a small book for you to have a look and hopefully have a small bite of what I lived and felt; I hope so. I also hope these pictures will makes you feel better today and maybe inspire you to do something of your own: travel, get out of your house and take some pictures or anything else that involves you, the world and creativity. Let’s see if this is the first step for a longer journey together.


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Shannon Sadler
siano Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Hi! I'm half-Italian, half-French, my name is from Ireland and my last name from Austria. This is usually how I have to introduce myself to explain the whole thing. Yep, I'm a mix of many different things together with the experiences, places, people, inputs I met or had during my life. I'm not a professional photographer and I don't even know how to write properly in one single language, so please forgive me if I'll mess up. I reckon I'm not the right person to talk about me anyway. Come to my website to get an extra feeling, to see what I'm doing, what I'm afraid of, what my dreams are and first of all to give me your feedback. That would probably built a sensation of what I an to future visitors. I look forward to see you there and if you feel I should do more books like this, just say so straight as I have lots of pictures and ideas that I don't know what to do with them ahahaha... Have a nice day Ciao, Shannon

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