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Contemporary American political language has been invented and reinvented by those who hope to shape, conform, and convert the American public to a prescribed way of thinking. Reganomics, Clintonism, BushSpeak, Obamamania represent alternating currents between right and wrong, left and right and the calculated polarization of the American proletariat. Today there is a perceptible disconnect between political ideology and party loyalty.

Political parties and news media outlets, on either side, have flowered our language with buzzwords that, when isolated from context, references an entirely different meaning from its original intent. Grassroots (the shun series) derives its title from the political use of language to distort, rather than reveal the truth. The images are of grass taken literally, as much as possible, at the root level, in order to question where are the grassroots of politics today? The superimposition of “s/tion” words is a semiotic ploy to draw attention to the misappropriation of words by political figures and the mainstream media in an attempt to “shun” the practice of using language with such simplistic force. As digital constructions, each image places a fabricated photograph within a photograph in order to further comment on the relationship between “image” and “reality”. Grassroots (the shun series) plays with the associations of media, the implications of the photograph and the surprisingly suggestive and complex ambiguities of language.


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Liz Lee
lizlee Lakeview, NY

Fecha de publicación  08 de mayo de 2012

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