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The Cataclysmic Accounts from the Binary Institute presents the viewer with folklore-inspired narratives where we take on the roles of story-book archetypes.

This exploration into the Doppelganger theme has been combined with psychological research, in particular studies into delusional mis-identification syndromes and multiple personality disorders.

"We enjoy the relevance in the ideas of adopting new identities and personas, taking on new character traits for the moment that the camera is on us. With this in mind, we aim for the pieces to raise questions as to whether we are literally seeing a double or whether the twin becomes a metaphor for a singular identity split and battling itself; such as the ego versus the id, or the conscience versus the hedonistic.

"It is important to us that each piece can be seen as seductive to the senses and yet also allows room for repulsion or a darker interpretation. This idea of attraction and caution excites us.”

The Jackson Twins, 2010

The Jackson Twins live and work in the West Midlands, both graduating in Fine Art at Birmingham City University in 2003.

The twins were awarded the Rhubarb-Rhubarb/Arts Council England Bursary in 2009 and have recently been showing The Cataclysmic Accounts from The Binary Institute in Sydney (Australia), Los Angeles and San Francisco (USA) and at venues across the UK.

Works by the Jackson Twins are also in private collections in the UK, New Zealand and USA.


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The Jackson Twins
JacksonTwins London, UK

Our work pays particular focus to 'The Twin', what it is to be an identical being - to in essence, share an identity with your double. We explore the worldwide fascination with twins: in terms of the pop culture fixation of the 'evil-twin', the depths of the twin in folklore (The Doppelganger) and the themes explored through psychology and psychoanalysis. We aim to take advantage of the visual power - the awkwardness, the lack of fit and belonging, the freakish feel - of the twin motif. Within the performance of our self-portraits we illustrate the relevance of such an evocative motif in the context of a culture still fixated on the individual.

We have always been interested in exploring issues concerning identity and 'twinship' within our artwork. While working individually, we both turned separately to photography and digital media as our main tools for creating artwork.

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