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As the book's title suggests, "Glimpses of Guatemala" is not intended to be an exhaustive analysis or in-depth account of all things Guatemalan.

Instead, through both the medium of his poetry and photography, the author takes the reader on a journey and offers an intriguing insight into some of the more remarkable and noteworthy features of daily life.

Each poem and its associated imagery belong to one of a series of recurring themes, namely: The people of Guatemala and their artisan crafts and skills; The country's stunning natural scenery; Social issues and recent political history; Significant annual celebrations, festive events, traditions and customs.

Just as swirling shrouds of dense mist often envelop the country's thirty three volcanic peaks and then periodically clear just for long enough to reveal their unique majestic shapes - only to disappear in cloud once again - so too does the author shed occasional shards of light on some of the country's more obscure realities, bringing the salient features of this wondrous land and its people to the fore, whilst highlighting that not everything is as it may first appear.


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Alex Morritt
Eggedal Central & South America

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Fecha de publicación  02 de mayo de 2012

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Categoría  Viajes

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