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“Flee the country where a lone man holds all power: it is a nation of slaves”
Simon Bolivar

Cuba has the only truly communist economy in the world other than North Korea. And the entrenched, unquestioning commitment to that economic dogma is alive and well amongst the government elite, to whom the Chinese model of economic liberalisation combined with firm central control over political power appears to be an anathema.

Based on observations during our short visit to Cuba in July 2007 (and, no, we did not go there to lie on the beach), and everything I have read before and since, reformist dreamers will wait a long time yet for substantive changes to take place.


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Howard Banwell
howardB Singapore
Howard Banwell is an incurable traveller, writer and photographer who developed an interest in bird watching in 2008. Since when he has spent countless frustrating but most enjoyable days searching out birds, photographing them, and attempting to identify what he has seen and taken pictures of. Howard lives in Singapore with his wife Lisa, their Golden Retriever, Sambal, their endlessly amusing Lovebirds, Lemon and Lime, and a pond full of Koi Carp.

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