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The "EUROPEAN PHOTO-BOOK" collection

Having just returned from a fabulous trip to Malta with the beautiful Jodie, to complete the final images for one of my other books ("CHIC MARINA'S" of the western Mediterranean) I was so impressed with the island I just had to produce a pictorial record. Here it is. I was escorted by the delightful Jodie Murray who was an excellent model and did much justice to my images. Thankyou Jodie.
If you are planning a visit to MALTA or have some connection with the enchanted island then this book is a must for you to buy.
Jon Grainge
PS. Do order with the upgrade paper for the very best results and be under no illusion this is a quality publication.

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Appointment in DOUZ
Appointment with a FAITH
Appointment in PUERTO BANUS
"CHIC MARINAS" of the Med
Sand in my Shoes
Cocktail, Shots and a Royal Enfield
The Royal International Air Tattoo (Aircraft images)
Train or Plane to MILAN (High speed trains)
574.8 Kilometres per hour (High speed trains)
2013 The Future Begins ( High speed trains)
Southern Hungary

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The "EUROPEAN PHOTO-BOOK" collection
hightrainman Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
I am a professional photographer, and spend all my time either taking pictures on my travels, mainly within the Mediterranean basin, or writing photo-books and action adventure novels. Recently I have expanded into the realms of adventure paperback novels based on actual events but leading into fictional situations My first novel " APPOINTMENT IN CAIRO " Revolution is in the Air is based around the current uprising in north Africa whilst integrating the UK financial cutbacks. One of the scenes depicts a very sad and 'neverbefore' thought of action involving British fighter jets. You will need to to read it to find out more !!! My second novel " APPOINTMENT IN DOUZ, Tunisia "Death of a Colonel is now finished "APPOINTMENT with a FAITH" "Appointment in PUERTO BANUS" "A Voice from Heaven" "Counter-Strike" is my latest Happy reading. Jon It is with great pleasure that I can announce that all novels are available as e-books on the Apple platform on ibookstore

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