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After living in Caracas for eleven years its hard to ignore the magic of this virbant megametropolis. Caracas has grown on me and continues to invoke so many wonderful memories of the good times. This book is my hope to capture and share some of those memories that I have come to cherishand love.
I dedicate this book to the people of Venezuela whose charm and passion have left a lasting impression in my mind. This book is unlike any other book on Caracas that you will find. It is an attempt to capture the essence of the city, its people and places through "everyday" images ....images that perhaps we overlook. I hope to give you a sense of the "real" Caracas through the photos in this book. Take your time and enjoy the flavor, charm and fullness of Caracas.

My gratitude and thanks to my family and friends for their support while I was working on this book.

Johnson K Jacob has lived and worked in Caracas for the last eleven years. He loves to capture precious moments in time and share it with others, and this is what inspires him to publish his books.This is his second book and in his own words ..."all things will come together ...if we open our minds and hearts, looking beyond the obvious".

December 2006


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Johnson Kulangara Jacob

Fecha de publicación  16 de diciembre de 2006

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Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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