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The greatest passion of human considering his existence is the desire to express himself. Creating the language, drawing pictures on cave walls, inventing the literacy ... all of these emerged as a result of the desire to express. Sometimes instant manners of telling such expressions form the expression method as a single gesture, a voice or just a look whereas, sometimes activities spreading on long terms form this expression. Furthermore, I should note that expression methods are put forward not only through individual manners but also through the communities united in the light of common purposes.
Aside from being a photographer, following the forms of expression of people, observing them, creating scenarios what kind of lives they experience, considering myself in their places in order to question my possible attitude towards the circumstances that they experience is a great passion that I could not give up since my childhood. In fact, the work done when I take photographs is just recording this passion on a film surface. Naturally, images that I record are the documents those belong to expression forms of people and every single image I recorded includes a part from me as well.
The photographs I hereby present within the scope of this book consist of moments recorded at the demonstrations which are one of the circumstances that people express themselves. These demonstrations are the demonstrations that I also express myself. In other words, images in the book are naturally my observations at some demonstrations I participated; and they are also me to a certain extend.
All photographs you see in this series were created in Istanbul between the years 2005-2011.


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Taylan BAGCI
taylan Istanbul, Turkey

Fecha de publicación  09 de abril de 2012

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