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Memories of the "Forest" contains a wide varieity of photographic images of the Norfolk Southern Railroad owned education and hunting preserve of 16,000 acres located at Dorchester, South Carolina.

The advantage of having the Railroad's Charleston to Columbia mainline as part of the property provides operational training opportunities to the wide variety of guests who are invited to visit the "Forest" annually, including the Norfolk Southern Physicans Association. As a member of the Association for over 30 years, the photogographer has used his Canon more often to "shoot" beautiful scenes than he has his prized Browning.

He dedicates this book to the "Forest" staff and many other friends he has made since he was first invited to "shoot" there by Southern's Medical Director, Dr. Max Rogers, in the late 1960's.


Acerca del autor

Charles B. Gillespie, M.D.
CBG911 Albany, Georgia
During my medical practice, I had the opportunity to travel extensively seeking to advance my medical knowledge. In most instances, I added extra days to my trips for the purpose of making photographs of the places I visited. My current portfolio consists of ~600,000 images from 63 countries on a wide range of subjects. I especially like to take photos of transportation equipment, curved roads, fences, churches, farming operations and other natural parts of the world. I have received training in the studios of Ansel Adams, DeWitt Jones (Maine Photography School), Rocky Mountain School of Photography and the late photographer Bill Thomas.

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