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What is the single most important thing you have learned from your mother? Unlock My Story posed this question—plus a handful of others—to friends, family and Facebook fans for a new book, Mothers and Life Lessons. The hope was to create a gift book of inspiration in celebration of all moms and to pass on the priceless life wisdom moms share with their children. Who better to provide lessons in living than two generations of amazing women who steadfastly (and often quietly) raised families, loved unconditionally, nurtured dreams, embodied courage, made sacrifices, pioneered career paths and experienced both the joys and hardships of life from the 1920s through today.

Twenty-five sons and daughters stepped up and shared their stories of love, pride and, most of all, gratitude for their moms. The questions provided a starting point for each child to reflect upon and talk about their mom’s influence on who they are today. What emerged were heartfelt stories that were equal parts love letter to Mom and a recipe for navigating life. The stories range from lighthearted and humorous to heartbreaking, with each story carrying a powerful message of inspiration. Together the collection forms 25 cherished life lessons lovingly passed from mother to child.

This 13x11 hardcover book was designed so that the story narrative continues beyond these twenty-five amazing women. At the back of the book are two pages designed, ready and waiting to add your story and photo. Whether it’s in celebration of Mother’s Day, a special birthday, a gift to a new mom, or perhaps someone you know who needs a bit of motherly wisdom, you can add your handwritten story “What my mother taught me” to share with family and friends.

Mothers and Life Lessons is also available in a smaller format 10x8 softcover book:

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Unlock My Story
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Unlock My Story LLC is the vision of two lifelong friends that each bring their complementary skills to the design table to help clients unlock and tell their life stories. Together we create visual memoirs of your cherished memories, stories, photos and keepsakes. When inspiration strikes we also create gift books.

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