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Removal. Reduction. Simplification. These photographs began as an exploration of shadow, the beauty of the human body, and the color and motion of fabric. It was this last element that opened a doorway to a vision. Gradually, the use of color was removed from the sessions and shadows took on more importance. Then, the motion of the fabrics became less important that the dialogue of what they could hide or reveal. The combination of shadows and veiling brought beauty to both what was seen and hidden from the light. The impact of the viewers ability to see or not see the subject's eyes brought yet another character to each photograph. And a third effect took shape: our tendency to create detail with our minds even though our eyes cannot quite perceive the complete picture. Stripping down elements in the frame yielded more than what was originally imagined.


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Matthew Finley
finleyphoto Los Angeles, California, USA
Matthew Finley is a photographer based in Los Angeles with a restless desire find new and meaningful ways to explore imagery and find a personal connection to both the process and the content.

Fecha de publicación  21 de marzo de 2012

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