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Does poetry make you drool? Dribble-dribble, drop-drop, crumb-caught poetry on a crumpled napkin… staining like an inky pen, the artful written word, the soulful spoken word, and the superfluous words that flutter into silence when triggered skin explodes.

Napkin Poetry, the pastiche of visual verse, is divided into seven mouth-watering sections, starting with the Sticky Menu that smells of last night’s order. Appetizers (bite-sized nibbles); Chef’s Favorites (obsessions du jour); Entrees (Southern-fried, beer-battered, and oyster-shelled); Dessert (oral fixation of love à la mode); Drink Specials (lime-sliced and lemon-wedged); The Wine List (rotten grapes uncorked); and Coffee & Tea (a blend of culture, caffeine, and nicotine).

Enter the evocative world of Napkin Poetry, its 150 pages of 92 poems garnished with original artwork created by the author. With monochromatic filigree overlaying a multihued landscape made from paint spills, gemstones, and torn love letters, the twisted elegance of Napkin Poetry catches each poetic sense like a hand in the cookie jar.


Acerca del autor

Midnight Boheme LLC.
Boheme13 New Orleans, LA
Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Mixed Media Artwork by New Orleans Artist Laura Kuhn.

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