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Most basically, this is a book about the body, about the erotic body, about the erotic body as an expression and manifestation of fleshy desire in all its forms. Most wonderfully, it is about how the erotic is not rational, not simple, not tidy. It about how life -- real life, passionate crazy unwieldy life -- twists and turns, laughs and cries, turns us inside out over and over again, in ways that are wonderful and horrible, exciting and painful, sexy and bizarre all at once. These are the days of miracle and wonder.


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Jeff Zipper
Jeff Zipper has been working for over 30 years pursuing his passion for photography.
Travelling through United States, Mexico, Great Britain, Spain and West Africa he established a particular style marked by erotic, stylised scenes, often with fetishistic subtexts. He extended his work , notably with his "Mystic river" series which marked the pinnacle of his erotic-urban style, underpinned with excellent technical skills. He also worked in architecture photography,portraiture and more social studies. Zipper's photography has addressed dramatic issues, including erotism,religion,death. He works primarily in black and white.

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