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A hilarious 62 page book filled with curiosities and questions that will leave you either rolling with laughter or in deepest thought! A great coffee table book for your home or office!

Most people, if not all, must have asked themselves one or more of the questions listed in this book regarding the creation of the universe, earth, humans, animals, trees, and plants. Curiosity is an innate quality that humans share and I do not believe that you have to have a PhD or a Masters degree, in any subject, to ask these kinds of questions. Nor do you need to be labeled an atheist to question creation. Let’s be honest, we all do it.

If we went back in time and looked at the first humans as they were created, it would be a lot of fun to watch them. Don’t you sometimes wonder how they managed to survive, whether they walked on all fours, how they communicated, where they slept, how they talked and what kind of sounds they made? Were they in groups or were each on their own?

Scientists and religious experts have different ideas about how and when we were created, whether it was creationism or evolution, and they also differ as to when the earth was formed, whether it was millions or billions of years ago, however, the fact remains that they cannot answer these questions with any certainty.

Whether you are of a religious, scientific or atheistic background, I hope that this book leaves you simply entertained. Making observations of life's little mysteries and curiosities is incredibly fun!

Richard S. Freij, Author

Designed and Edited by Joanne Manna (Richard's daughter)


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Joanne Manna
alexis77jm Farmington Hills, Michigan

Joanne (Freij) Manna is a 44 year old mother of two who lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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